A week or two since I started planting seeds in our little mobile greenhouse, we’ve got sprouts! The sunflowers are the overachievers. They are already several inches tall.

All of the tomato seeds appear to have sprouted. And most of the corn is standing proud. The flowers sprouts are more hit and miss. The milkweed, which we planted more recently has yet to sprout.

Today we moved the greenhouse from the shaded, diluted light of my studio, to the sun soaked front window area in the dining room. I’m hoping the added heat of the sun will amp up the greenhouse environment. Mold is starting to sprout on some of the seed starting cells. I’m not sure I like the “cardboard” style cells which are always moist once you water them. To me, they seem like they get moldy fast. Regardless, I’m not too worried. The cells that didn’t sprout worry me more, if only because that’s space that could have been used to plant something else.

Our little greenhouse is maxed out space wise, but we still want to grow a flat or two more of kale seeds, and maybe something else…not sure what else. Will have to see. Maybe put a couple of flats on the drafting board in my studio and hope nosey cats mind their own business.

Here are today’s pics:

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