home: a modern cape cod homestead (nine apple trees)

Here’s my guest blog post on Hello, Scarlett. Enjoy! (and a thank you to Emory)

Hello, Scarlett Blog

c4u3is18vS2CJvyT6K0M6F_WfQV7Z9O1QKLyKl33x7cThere are only a handful of blogs and bloggers that I have been following, or who have followed me, since almost the outsetof HSB. One such person who has been a constant is Chris from the blogNine Apple Trees.His Ohio home, in which he shares with his beautiful family, is one that I admire greatly. He is not shy in posting about the hardships in regards to acreage life, while also celebrating his achievements with the samecandour. His blog is a realistic look on rural life, and not an edited or glorified one that most bloggers become a casualty of(myself included). From hisbeekeeping adventures, to renovating their sustainable home, and more,Chris is a great storyteller and photographer. I couldn’t imagine doing thisseries without him.


wGvFthMvdd4I_mQGHhBZnjD6lKCZggohIQYtQsTWn-A1. Where is your home located?

Our home is located between Cleveland and Akron, Ohio in the heart of the…

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