Basement Tiling Update

A quick update on our tiling project in the basement. We got a lot more square footage covered yesterday. We’re working towards a goal of being done by next Saturday, so it’s starting to get a bit worrisome as to whether we’ll meet our goal.

All the wood trim is ordered and should be delivered today along with the doors, hopefully.

We’ll start trimming out the basement and install the bathroom vanity this weekend. The plumber comes on Monday to make all the bath connections, and lower the shower head.

I tried my hand at cutting tile yesterday with a grinder. It wasn’t to hard to do. Just wear gloves, ear and eye protection. My hearing is shot so I always wear ear protection. A piece of the grinding wheel broke off and hit my hand, so thanks to my gloves for buffering that a bit. It still smarted pretty good though. And it goes without saying that eye protection is important to block from dust, tile chips and grinder wheel bits.

After about 24 hours the tile can be walked on. We’ve got about a 100 sq. feet more to complete and then I have to grout it all.  The office area will be tiled and trimmed at a later date. We just need to get the bathroom and living area done for a party next Saturday.

The ceiling will happen sometime this winter once we recover from financing the other basement finishing.

2 thoughts on “Basement Tiling Update

  1. Looks great Chris! I wimped out and am having the tile done on my reno. My ladder fall put an end to floor work. Your place is looking terrific – and I see you took your grinder guard off too – we love living dangerously – but then you do keep bees…

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    • It’s my brother’s grinder, I actually would have felt better with it on since I was new to the tool. I do leave the guard off my table saw.

      My brother is doing my tile work, I’m just helper boy. I’ve been cutting the tile and choosing the tiles, since the pattern is old floor look, each tile is relatively unique. I’m horrible at straight cutting the tiles, with a manual cutter tool thing. I’ve ruined at least a dozen or more tiles because I suck at cutting. $5 apiece is killing me.

      I’m also not good at mixing the “mortar” but my bro keeps a watchful eye. If it weren’t for him I would contract tile work (of this scale) out to a pro. As I do for plumbing and electrical…and drywall lol. I stick to framing, and carpentry, and painting. And labor.


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