BR30 LED Update

I went to Home Depot and bought nine more LED BR30 bulbs for the ceiling. I went with the 650 lumen ones they had for sale at around $9 each. These are the ones I didn’t have a chance to test in my LED light bulb test. 

They look virtually the same, light wise, as the Philips light bulbs I had tested. They are energy star certified, use less energy and I can’t really tell that they are slightly less luminous.

The wife likes their sleeker shape as well. The Philips I tested earlier did have a little ridge / lip along its face which she found distracting. These “new” ones look just like an old school incandescent bulb.

That takes care of all the dimmer lights in the house. I did by an LED approved dimmer at the Depot as well. Still on the fence if I want to test it or not. If I test it, it would just be out of curiosity because these new bulbs work fine with the old dimmers. The cost of the new dimmer is $21.

Lastly, I moved the incandescent bulbs that were above the fireplace, into the kitchen – so now the wife is happy to be able to finally see again in the kitchen. Over time I’ll replace those with LED BR30 bulbs as well. Likely the GE Reveal bulbs because of their superior color rendering ability.



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