The house is nice, but what I love most about our homestead is the land. The animals and plants. The chance of discovery every day. Whilst hiding easter eggs on Sunday I came across my most incredible discovery yet: an antler from one of our deer. It wasn’t from the giant buck that lives around our land, rather it was from the medium sized buck. Still an eight point buck though, so not shabby at all.

The antler was laying clear as day on the pond dike. I’ve been casually looking for shed antlers since we first moved in several years ago. I left it on the ground so the boys could discover the antler as they looked for eggs. I felt it would be a pretty cool thing to find if you’re a little kid.

We picked it up and it’s sitting on the front porch, a nice adornment to greet guests.

I kinda want to find the other one, but it could be anywhere. They don’t necessarily drop at the same time or place. And high on my list would be finding a shed from the giant buck – that would be awesome. Something to look forward to. Maybe I need to get into the thickets and meadows…

A really great discovery, that kicked spring off in the right way.



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