Spring Honey

I extracted honey this week. It was a mix of dark and really light honey, which when combined made medium hued honey, not surprisingly. We pulled seven frames from Hive No. 1. Presumably some of the honey is left over from winter and some is new, on the same frames. This batch yielded twenty-four 8oz. bottles and six and one half 4oz. bottles.

The bees are doing fine, we’ve checked them twice since I last wrote. We spotted Hive No. 3’s queen the last time we checked. And we’ve seen eggs in both hives. Hive No. 1, the aggressive hive, is still fairly aggressive but we’ve been fortunate and cautious. I only got stung once the last time we checked.

The yard has been an abundance of clover and other wildflowers. Regular work, art shows and running kids around has meant that yard work has taken a back seat. Our yard looks is quickly reverting back to the wild.

We do have several peaches on each peach tree. So far the deer have stayed away from them. The apple trees aren’t faring as well. Inexplicably the only apple tree that blossomed this spring had four apples on it. I just checked them and the two branches with apples on them both broke, 12′ up in the air so not sure if it was the wind or a really zealous deer. Regardless we will not be having any apples this year. I don’t know what’s going on with the apple trees. Suffice to say I lack time and knowledge to be successful at growing much of anything in our yard.

The cicada’s are wrapping up their once in seventeen year visit. I actually relish the sound, the never ending chorus or symphony…or drone depending on your perspective I suppose. The weather has been warm as well this June. Overall it’s been a pretty good, enjoyable, memorable spring I suppose.

Here are today’s photos from honey extraction.

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