I was finally going to cut the grass yesterday, Friday. I’m lucky to find one day every week or two to even think about cutting the grass. I had planned to work in the yard all day Saturday. Getting the lawn cut on Friday would help free up more yard work time the following day.

Before I got out there my wife mentioned that the honey bees could be seen from the front window. I had mentioned offhandedly earlier in the week that I haven’t seen the bees foraging as much as I thought I should. I walked over to the window and looked out at the overgrown front yard. Sure enough, looking hard enough, I could see a honey bee enjoying hopping from clover to clover. Then I saw another honey bee, and another. Quickly I realized the front yard was filled with bees.

Very cool.

I went outside and laid down in the clover to get a closer look; careful not to lay on any bees.

There were a ton of bees. The clover blooms danced as if there was a breeze, but instead it was just the weight of honey bees visiting flowers, making them dance. I went back inside and got my camera to take some photos. It was amazing to just lay there and watch the bees go from flower to flower collecting nectar and pollen. It’s really something you would normally overlook in the course of a busy day.

Well I decided not to mow the lawn last night, instead leaving the bees to their happiness.

I did get out there today, after I wrapped up my regular day job work. It’s in the 80’s but felt hotter than that. Ran through both rechargeable batteries in the lawn mower, mowing the back yard and orchard. And I ran the gas trimmer along the nature trails until it decided not to work anymore. Hopefully just some old gas and not a repair. There are a ton of cicadas. And they’re wreaking havoc on our young trees, cutting branches to lay their eggs in. I’ll be happy when they are gone. I cut my yard work “day” short around 2:30pm – too hot.

So I’ll write and paint this afternoon.

The bees can enjoy the clover to their heart’s content.

Here are today’s photos:



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