New Roof Washer Filters

After four years of living here, our roof washer filters really needed changing. The roof washers wash all of the water that comes off of the roof when it rains. There are two fiberglass chambers in our front yard that the water flows into. As the chambers fill up with water, debris like leaf parts, bugs, and dirt stay on one side of the filters and the water flows through to the center of the filter, into a pipe and down into the cistern for storage.

I had previously taken the filters out twice, they’re like a cotton material, and washed them. I tried getting new ones last year, and through circumstances didn’t successfully get new ones until this year.

I’m very glad the new filters came with new mesh screens inside and out. The screens give the filters their circular shape. The old screens were rusting out. To install, I simply took off the top caps and threw out the old filters, and inserted the new fluffy white ones.

I’m still waiting to get an invoice for the filters, but I don’t imagine they cost too much.

Elsewhere not much is going on. In the 90 degree heat this past weekend I cut the grass and finally spread a few bags of mulch I had purchased in June; spreading them around some of our smaller younger plants we planted in the meadows. The mulch will help them get some breathing room from encroaching meadow grasses and golden rod.



For a link to one time when I cleaned the roof washers click here.

10 thoughts on “New Roof Washer Filters

  1. Chris

    I have the same roof washer you have and I need new filters. What is your source for the filters? I am stuck.


    Bill Culpepper


    • Hi Bill, the only place I can find on the internet is

      Looks like they’re located here in Ohio but can probably ship anywhere. I got my three filters from the guy who installed my system four years ago, he lives up the street from me. The boxes, and the roof washers for that matter, say “Water Filtration Systems” which is a company based in Ohio also but their website is no longer functioning. I did find a phone number Phone: (740) 373-6953 on Manta

      A search on turned up nothing related to replacement filters.

      Someone needs to go into the roof washer replacement parts and filter business. I like having a few options.


      • Chris

        thanks for your quick reply. It looks like you and I have followed the same path regarding the Water Filtration Company in Ohio and found the offered website to be defunct. I have dialed the number but am always sent to voice mail immediately which makes me suspicious.

        I looked at the Rain Brothers web site and the filter looks like mine with the exception of the gold band at the top and bottom. I called Rain Brothers but had to leave a message requesting dimensions of the filter to make sure it fits. I’m waiting for a reply.

        I like having supply options also.


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      • Chris

        This reply occurs AFTER my reply below. I heard from Rain Brothers with the dimensions on the filter. They are exactly the dimensions I need and I think they fill your needs also.

        outer diameter 13 in
        inner diameter 9.5 in
        length 16.5 in

        I will order two.

        My prime source until now has been Tank Town in Dripping Springs TX. I’m glad to have a second source.


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    • Hi – I just bought a house that has a cistern and need replacement filters also. Does anyone know what the filter media is? It would seem pretty easy to take off the outer metal mesh and rewrap the filter and then replace the outer metal mesh. Would Koral filter media work like used for fish ponds? This is just a mechanical filter keeping out large particles. I have two filters to replace and these are not cheap.


  2. Hi, this is Jen, Business Manager with Rain Brothers LLC! These replacement roof washer filters have become really hard to find. To our knowledge, only one company manufactures them, and may be shuttering. Luckily we were just able to get another shipment in. The link to purchase is below, if you’re interested. Always feel free to contact us with any questions!


    • Thanks for the info Jen. We need someone to make these – so hopefully someone comes up with a solution. We love our system. Maybe we should hoard the filters lol. They are super simple, probably pretty easy to get a quote from a new supplier on mfg. them.


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