Books and Magazines

Not So Big House by Sarah Susanka is an awesome architectural and philosophical guide to living a simpler more effective home life.  The focus is on quality and use of space.  A must buy for anyone planning a house or remodel.  Our copies of Not So Big House and Creating The Not So Big House books are worth thin.  Purchase them on Amazon here.

Yankee Modern is a book featuring 10 great designs by architects Jim Estes and Peter Twombly.  Northern Ohio was once part of Connecticut, so it’s no wonder the “Western Reserve” is peppered with New England style architecture.  Our cape cod style house draws a lot on the evocative New England look and feel, infused with a little farm-house and mill style. Also available on

Dwell is a household name to anyone remotely interested in high style home architectural fashion.  We have countless copies we’ve used to lie, steal, and cheat our way to fusing some semblance of style into our new home.  I’ll tell you right now, our new kitchen originally came from Dwell (though we improved it a bit for our lifestyle).

Fine Homebuilding magazine is freaking awesome!  They have tons of special editions, many of which focus on energy-efficient construction and sustainable materials.  We avoided a ton of mistakes, and got just as many pointers by checking this mag out first.  Not only that, the design ideas contained within are virtually limitless in what they can inspire.

Cradle to Cradle is our sustainablity bible.  It’s impossible to argue with the no-nonse practical approach to designing the world around us outlined in the book.  There is a better way and it doesn’t have to involve being “less bad” or compromising what we need, or want out of life here on this planet.  People, planet and profit are not exclusive of each other. Learn about how to leave a positive footprint on the planet by checking out the MBDC website.

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