Bird Condo

Our sparrows, or whatever they are, have started cleaning out their bird condos on the front porch. The cats enjoy watching from the front window’s generous window sill, in my office. Looks like we have at least one, maybe two families who have scoped out their nesting site for the coming spring.

We’re hell bent on getting animals to live on our property. So far the bat houses and bird houses have not attracted residents, but this has not dissuaded us. It comes as no surprise that the animals actually prefer the unplanned residences such as the bunnies and skunks who live under the porches, and of course these birds.

The birds nest on top of the columns where a natural alcove was created by the trim carpenters when they completed the columns. This was no way planned, but it is a happy accident. We have room for up to ten families on the front porch, and at least one more on the back porch.

Too bad they don’t pay rent.