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Little Grey Cat Studio is our art business. The website is your portal to information and art to buy, created by my award-winning artist wife Christine Weigand and my abstract acrylic paintings.  Please help support our mission (which is to pay our bills on time) by enjoying our art, buying something you like, and / or spreading the word with your friends and family if they are looking for art.

Scrapimals on Etsy are hand cut paper art pieces created by Christine. Each one is unique. They make perfect gifts!

Scrapimals now has its own website. These are super cute, and make super great gifts. Check ’em out.

Photographs My Kid Takes is a photography project we’re working on for Little Grey Cat Studio. The name says it all. Stop by and reconnect with the inner child within you.



2 thoughts on “Website Links

  1. I would like to know the paint color you used and brand for your house exterior. That shade of blue is beautiful. Trying to find the perfect one for our home.

    Thank you. Zoraida

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